I’ve got some news for you…

It is FINALLY April. Yay! I was thinking back on the goals I set for myself in January. April is a good time to check yourself and see where you are with those goals. The sun and spring weather are so motivating- so if you have fallen behind on your objectives- its a great time to recommit!

My BIG goals for 2019 are to ensure I spend more time with people who inspire me and also DO more activities that make me feel good about myself, my business, and the path that I am on.  One of the BEST ways I achieved this so far was to go on a road trip with my friend Kristy to assist her at a show. She is also an entrepreneur so she “gets” my life.  Now, did I have time to take this trip? NO, but I MADE time.  I’m so glad I did- we had an awesome trip filled with laughs, venting about life/business, and creating new ideas! I came home feeling inspired (and also a little tired).  I did a little fun archive of our trip on Instagram- nothing profound but you may get a few laughs out of it! Click HEREto see it. I encourage you to make time for the people you keep “meaning” to spend time with.

As for the other goal, I have been actively working on a project that makes me feel GREAT!  If you have been following my social media at all- you’ve seen the marketing for the “Spring Shopping Party”.  When I host an event, I think about how very little time I have “off” – so I always want to create something that is worthy of precious time away from work and family life. I’m incorporating all the elements of what I consider a fun evening into the party- live music, great shopping, a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere, yummy food, and WINE. Oh, and if you are anything like me there is always MOM GUILT- so the best way to cancel that out- the “time off” is for a good cause. We are raising money for 2 awesome local resources.  I’m so excited about this party! Click here to let me know you are coming and for more details!

As always, thank you for the support! I hope you have an AMAZING Spring 2019!
Michelle aka Shelly aka Hat Lady

Baseball hats!

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My first show of SPRING 2019 is here- Zassy’s Vendor Market! I’m celebrating with a giveaway with my friend Vickie of Ridiculously Good Salsa!
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